Starting options trading in the stock market can be expensive. On the one hand, you need money to earn any meaningful profit, and on the other, you must pay for the platform or services to generate income. All the fees we pay are legitimate, but the cost may be too much for a newbie or someone who wants to learn the stock market. It does get affordable sometimes, But what if you could learn and start all for free?

With Stolo’s Basic plan, you can experience our free options trading platform. We have given you a break from financially overwhelming starts to have opened a platform where you can experience some features of Stolo to learn without having to pay a penny for it.

Free-Trial Period

Every user is entitled to a 5-day free trial of the pro account, regardless of the plan they select. The customer is entitled to five days of free use of the pro plan’s full range of advantages.
Stolo allows you to trade and experience the features for a full 5 days before you choose to upgrade. As Saturday and Sunday are non-trading days, they do not count against your trial period if you join up on a Saturday. Even if you join up on a Saturday, you will be allowed to use Stolo for 5 trading days starting that day, which would be from Monday through Friday. 

Our Pricing Plans

There are 4 types of customised plans curated for all the traders and learners out there. They are :

  1. Stolo Basic
  2. Stolo Lite
  3. Stolo Pro
  4. Stolo Ultimate

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Free Options Trading Platform with Stolo Basic

free options trading platform with stolo basic


With our basic plan, a user can use specific features of Stolo for free; forever. The user will start with a free 5-day trial period of the Pro plan, after which the user can either upgrade or opt for the Basic Plan.
Here are the free features a user can use under Stolo’s basic plan: 

1. First 5 days of Pro

As mentioned earlier, the user is entitled to having 5 free days of Stolo Pro Plan to experience Stolo fully. Explore our premium options trading features with the 5-day free trial or the pro plan. 

2. Paper Trading

If you are looking to learn trading before entering the real market, you can start with our free paper trading app, which is ideal for a beginner. With this feature in place, you will be able to trade a maximum of 2 orders per day. If you wish to go beyond this, you can upgrade to our plans to use it to its maximum.

3. Paper Holdings

With our basic free forever plan, you can hold a maximum of up to 2 holdings. In case you wish to explore this in full magnitude, you can easily upgrade to our plans. The features chosen will give you enough space and platform to learn as a beginner, so it is ideal for someone who has just started in the stock market.

4. Scalping Calculator

Stolo’s Scalping Calculator is an effortless and seamless tool designed to help you determine your potential profits. With our basic plan, you can access our forever-free scalping calculators to make informed and reasonable market moves.

5. Trading Journal

As a beginner, you may have to make notes of your trading journey in our user-friendly trading journal. You may use this to review your performance, strategies and income. Our free Trading Journal is an excellent tool if you are looking to improve and analyse your options trading skills.

6. Pay in/ Pay Out

All your payment details, both your pay-in and payouts, are accessible to you with our free forever plan. You may review how the income flows in and out and use them to better your options trading strategies.

7. Option Chain

Check out the listing of options contracts through our option chain features without any cost. These features are limited to Nifty and Bank Nifty. If you wish to explore, you may always upgrade to our other plans and experience all our features seamlessly.

8. Open Interest

Use Open Interest features at Stolo to enhance your marketing strategies. The Open Interests feature on the basic plan is limited to Nifty and Bank nifty; you may always upgrade to explore more.

9. FII and DII Data

Foreign Institutional Investors and Domestic Institutional Investors data on our Stolo basic free forever plan is all you need to start your journey well. Our plans got you all covered. 

10. Sectoral Indices

Get access to all sectoral indices with our basic plan for free. Use all these features to accumulate knowledge and learn more as a beginner. Kickstart your options trading journey with all our free resources.

Sign up now on Stolo, and start your tremendous journey in the stock market with our free options trading platform. Unleash your true potential with our free and highly intuitive features.

Watch this Video to know about the Stolo basic plan in action! Check out all the features that you get to you use for free that makes trading options much easier!