The best way a beginner can learn or practice options trading is by using paper trading. However, isn’t it better to learn and practice paper trading all for free? With our free paper trading app, you can learn, improve and practice options trading through their highly intuitive features.

Let Us Explore Stolo

Stolo is a trading app that aims to make the options trading process seamless and effortless for experienced and inexperienced traders. Its high user interface and intuitive features, such as real-time market data, intuitive charts and analytics tools, etc., help users make informed trading decisions that can improve their trading experience.

With Stolo Free Paper Trading App, you can study, practice, and perfect the method and technique of Trading.

Stolo has several features that make it the go-to software for everyone, ranging from analytical charts to a carefully thought-out options trading platform. As a result, using the same program, one may easily begin practising real Trading after learning it on paper.

What is Paper Trading All About?

Paper trading enables a trader to buy or sell equities on the market in real-time. It is a simulated trading platform that is run with the help of virtual or fake money. Briefly, A paper trading app enables a trader to transact without risking real money. Just as it would in the real market, a user would have both profit and loss; however, with virtual money. Hence, paper trading is also known as Virtual Trading.

All prospective traders should use it as their preferred practice platform, as paper trading can expose you to all market dynamics and volatility.

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Key Features of Stolo Paper Trading App

Key Features of Stolo Paper Trading App

The paper trading app on Stolo is customised to support learning and practice to upskill your trading skills. It is carefully curated to make the user market ready. If you are a beginner looking to grasp the art of options trading, Stolo free paper trading app is all you need. Here are some of their power-packed features:

Unlimited Virtual Capital With Real Market Data

Stolo Offers its users unlimited virtual funds to learn, trade and practice. There is no cap on the amount of money you may use to acquire or sell particular assets. Before investing real money in the market, you may try out different tactics with limitless cash and track their performance.

One Window Terminal For Efficient Trading

Stolo Paper Trading App gives users access to real-time market data, advanced charting, and various other analytical tools in one location using a single window terminal. The terminal improves efficiency, and its high integration of trading tools makes it a preferred platform for many users.

Potent Charts for Technical Analysis

Every trader knows the significance of charts in Trading. Charts are a great source of visual data that enables the user to track price movements, trends, and historical data. A user can perform technical analysis of most assets using charts and indicators. With Stolo, you may experience the benefits of powerful charts that can boost your paper trading journey.

Trade History Analysis

The user of Stolo can utilise the trade history analysis tool to track their trading progress each day. The transaction history is very instructive since it gives the user important details about prior trades. The overall number of deals executed, the average amount of points gained, and the average trade duration makes up the important data. It also provides you with in-depth insights into your gains and losses by displaying your average profit margin and overall gains, all of which help you analyse and enhance your paper trading strategies. 

Large Pool of Learning Resources

Users of Stolo have access to a vast library of information from which they can practice paper trading for free. These carefully chosen resources make information simple to understand and accessible for beginners.

Free Paper Trading App with Stolo Basic

Yes, we have launched a platform where you can use various Stolo services for learning without having to spend a dime, giving you a respite from financially taxing begins. There are four carefully curated plans for all traders and learners, starting with Stolo Basic or the Stolo-free forever plan. With this plan, one may use some features of Stolo, all for free, forever.

You may use Stolo free paper trading app with the company’s forever-free subscription. With this plan, you can execute two paper trading orders and maintain a maximum of two paper holdings daily. These features allow you to practice, develop, and advance your skills. You may always upgrade your plan and take full advantage of Stolo’s features once you feel ready for the market.

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