The Paper Trading app of Stolo provides an options market trading terminal with real market data to learn, validate & develop options trading strategies. The paper trading app also has additional tools for the best options trading experience.

Top Features of Stolo Paper Trading App

1. Unlimited Trading Capital

Get unlimited virtual capital on Stolo’s paper trading app to maximize your paper trading experience and get the best results from options trading.

2. Unlimited Orders

Predict the options market direction with in-depth OI analysis with Option Chain, Call/Put OI Analysis, and Multi-strike OI across Nifty, BankNifty, and FinNifty.

3. One Window Paper Trading

The Stolo paper trading app hosts a powerful one-window terminal to provide the paper trading experience with real market data and additional trading tools

Paper trading App by Stolo

Through our agile paper trading app connected with our strong terminal, you may learn, practice, and understand the options market to refine your strategy for lucrative trades.

As per guidelines provided by SEBI, there is a 1-minute delay in prices shown on our paper trading terminal and match the chart movements. 

Stolo’s paper trading terminal operates from 9:16 AM to 3:31 PM, during which paper trades can be taken. 

The 1-minute delay in paper trading is to avoid any illegal trading activities on our platform. 

Virtual trading/ Paper Trading has been used for dabba trading in the past, which is a practice of illegal trading outside the formal stock market, which can be risky for traders who engage in it.

We at Stolo, strictly do not condone or support such activities and hence have a delayed feed only on Stolo paper trading app to comply with the regulations.

The rest of the features, apart from Paper Trading is fully real-time as per the live market movements and is highly accurate.

Paper trading can help you eliminate risks when you enter the market with real money. Learn and experiment with new paper trading strategies across Nifty, BankNifty and FinNifty platforms, A/B test options trading rules & unleash the power of Stolo.

Our Paper Trading platform works across Nifty & BankNifty and provides a robust one-window trading terminal along with TradingView charts to give the best options trading experience.

You may use Stolo’s free paper trading app with our forever-free plan – Stolo Basic. 

With this plan, you can execute two paper trading orders and maintain a maximum of two paper holdings daily. 

These features allow you to practice, develop, and advance your skills. You may always upgrade your plan and take full advantage of Stolo’s features once you feel ready for the market.