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Democratising Options Trading in India

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With as much as 90% of people losing money in the stock market in India, a large majority of this is attributed to poor comprehension of information to make the right decisions mixed with a lack of a mindset or structure which encourages earning consistent daily profits as against earning the one-off overnight millions.

We at Stolo take this challenge head-on by leveraging the best minds of the stock market, technology & design to develop a product that aids millions of Indians to adopt to trade in the F&O segment.

Story Of Stolo

The Genesis

Stolo is an abbreviation for “stop loss”, which perfectly captures the product goal of helping options traders stop losing money by enabling them to take informed, data driven decisions and make consistent daily profits.

Stolo is built with the latest technology and user-first design approach which makes it a class apart from its competitors.

The product concept originated from the current state of the market where there’s no one platform that suffices all options trading needs, and most platforms being offered at a subpar quality, than what we’re used to in this day & age.

Stolo Team Member Anurag

Anurag Rath

Founder & CEO
Jai Supreeth

Jai Supreeth

Product & Growth
Stolo Team Member Vedh

Vedh Jagadish

Partner & Advisor
Stolo Team Member Mayank

Mayank Mittal

Partner & Advisor

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