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Market Data at Your Fingertips

Unlock in-depth data on the options market to make data-driven decisions.

Get live options market trends across top Indices, dedicated Nifty & BankNifty daily trends with greeks, and charts on top index mover stocks.

Predict stock market direction with in-depth OI analysis with Option Chain, Call/Put OI Analysis and Multi-strike OI across Nifty & BankNifty.

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options trading rules and strategy stolo
paper trading for options trading stolo

Paper Trading Platform with Live Market Data

Learn, practice and master the stock market through our highly accurate 24x7 paper trading app integrated with our powerful terminal to perfect your blueprint for profitable trades.

Trade on our paper trading app across Nifty & BankNifty to sharpen your stock trading skills and A/B test your stock trading rules and be ready to take on the markets. & unleash the true power of Stolo.

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Powerful one-window Terminal

Trade Options (Buying & Selling)

An intuitive one-window terminal empowers options traders with all the required information to maximise profits from options trading.

Get the best options trading experience with TradingView chart and integration with your Zerodha brokerage account.

Take profitable trades from our most anticipated terminal which gives you the details on the current market trends, OI insights, true P/L, day's order analysis & more, all in a single well-balanced options trading window.

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stolo options trading terminal

Stolo empowers traders with

options trading decision stolo

Accurate, timely information that’s required to make the right options trading decisions. The complex market data is made easily comprehensible through intuitive visualisation and narration.

options trading analysis stolo

Actionable data based on a trader’s previous trades, which helps one to analyse and understand their options trading patterns and helps to develop a strategy that works the best.

options trading daily profits stolo

A highly-structured environment (product ecosystem) for options trading, which focuses on making consistent daily profits with a goal-based approach, which has proven to maximise overall profitability from options trading.


Everything You Need for Options Trading

Intuitive options trading platform providing everything options traders need to be the best while trading across Nifty & BankNifty

Paper trading stolo

From the Stolo Community

Here's what our early adopters have to say about Stolo - The Ultimate Options Trading platform


Without a doubt the paper trading app out there. Great looking all-in-one tool for options trading!

Pradeep Kulkarni

Full-time Trader, Bangalore

A power-packed paper trading app which gives me everything I need and, more importantly, helps me stick to my daily goals and stay profitable. Kudos to you guys!

Manish Ansari

Entrepreneur, Bangalore

I’ve never come across such a crisp-looking and agile paper trading app as Stolo. These guys are defining the benchmark with a super cool & powerful options trading platform.

Aravind MS

Software Engineer, Chennai

Great looking all-in-one platform for options trading.

Atul Deshpande

Stock Broking Agent, Mumbai

The Only Options Trading platform You Need

A quick comparison of all the other options trading & analysis platforms available in the market and Stolo

Other platforms

Includes most options trading platforms, options scalping platforms, market analysis platforms and charting platforms.

  • No all-in-one platform present in the market because of which multiple subscriptions & apps are needed
  • Inaccurate & unreliable data with lag and delays
  • Outdated technology & old interface which makes it hard to use
  • No / sub-par mobile interface & mobile responsiveness


No intro needed 🙂

  • One subscription for all options trading needs, along with complimentary power platforms
  • NSE authorised data is provided throughout the app with live market relay without any lag
  • Built by veteran technology experts with the latest technology and user-first design, for the best experience
  • Full mobile responsive web-app along with a highly agile Android mobile app

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Options Scalping Calculator

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