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Welcome to our all-in-one platform for all your trading needs. Our platform includes real-time market analysis, real market paper trading, a powerful trading terminal, trade automation tools, and a range of power tools to help you make informed trading decisions. Start maximizing your trading potential today with our comprehensive platform.


Live Market Analysis

A variety of more than 20 options trading analysis charts featuring precise, real-time data, such as live market analysis, options chain analysis, OI analysis, FII/DII activity, sectoral indices, futures & options charts, and more.

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Paper Trading

Improve your trading abilities and test your strategies with our paper trading app, which allows you to trade on Nifty, BankNifty and FinNifty during live market hours.

Our paper trading app is a useful resource for both new traders and experienced options traders looking to hone their skills and prepare for their next moves in the market.

  • Unlimited Capital
  • Unlimited Learning
  • Unlimited Trades

Trading Terminal

Our trading terminal is packed with advanced features to help you trade with confidence. With basket orders, strategy builder, and order analysis tools, you have everything you need to make informed and strategic trades.

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Connect with India’s Most Trusted Brokers

Experience seamless trading with confidence by connecting to one of India's most trusted brokers through our platform. Our platform offers a reliable and trusted connection, allowing you to focus on your trades without worrying about the security of your account.

Stolo Integration with Zerodha
Stolo Integration with Upstox
Stolo Integration with Fyers
Stolo Integration with Aliceblue
Stolo Integration with Angelone


Create custom rules by setting a target and stoploss in combination with our advanced settings of account level profit goals, margin exposure & utilisation, risk appetite & more!

  • Capture market opportunities instantly
  • Protect capital against market volatility
  • Safeguard profits already made
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Trading Tools

Our platform is equipped with a range of advanced tools to help you maximize your trading potential. With our scalping calculator, trading journal, options calculator, and convenient pay in and pay out features, you have everything you need to make informed and strategic trades.

Scalping Calculator

Trading Journal

Options Calculator

Pay In & Pay Out

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