One platform for all your trading needs


Take profitable trades from our most anticipated terminal, which gives you the details on the current market trends, OI insights, true P/L, day’s order analysis & more, all in a single well-balanced trading window.

An all-in-one window which provides everything you need to trade-

  • Order Management
  • OI Insights
  • Market Insights
  • Order Analysis & Streak
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Stolo Terminal Overview
Stolo Rules Preview


Create custom rules by setting a target and stoploss in combination with our advanced settings of account level profit goals, margin exposure & utilisation, risk appetite & more!

Rules allow you to preset exit and entry (coming soon) parameters to automate your trading approach and enable you to deploy the right set instantly as you analyse & monitor the high-velocity market movements.

Rules helps traders to -

  • Capture market opportunities instantly
  • Protect capital against market volatility
  • Safeguard profits already made
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Paper Trading App

Trade on our paper trading app across Nifty & BankNifty to sharpen your stock trading skills and A/B test your stock trading strategies, and be ready to take on the markets. & unleash the true power of Stolo.

Our paper trading app helps learners and options traders to sharpen their trading skills and prepare for their next trade.

  • Unlimited capital for trades
  • Live-market and post-market hours paper trading
  • Backtesting (coming soon)
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Stolo Simulator Preview
Stolo OI Analysis Preview

OI Analysis

Predict stock market direction with live in-depth Option Interest (OI) data, and identify market sentiments, supports & resistances.

Decipher the market trends with –

  • Option Chain
  • OI Analysis
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Market Analysis

Stock market trends across top Indices, dedicated NIFTY & BANKNIFTY daily trends with greeks, insights on top market mover stocks.


  • Market Overview
  • Performance Indices
  • Sectoral Indices
  • Cumulative Index
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Stolo MArket Analysis Preview
Stolo Order Analysis Preview

Order Analysis

Unlock in-depth data of every trade to understand your trading pattern, find out the most profitable strategy, best trading times, margin utilisation & more.

Order analysis reveals insights such as:

  • Avg. profit/loss per trade
  • Percentage return on margin utilised
  • No. of positive/negative points captured
  • Intraday streak
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Trade Planner & Calculator

Plan your profit goals, trading schedule & patterns at a daily & monthly level, based on live market data and margin available.

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Stolo Trade Planner Preview

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