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Ultimate Tool for F&O
Analysis & Charts

Tool with accurate OI data and 20+ charts for Option Chain, Open Interest (OI) Analysis, FII / DII data, Sectoral Indices & more to analyse live options market across Nifty, BankNifty & all F&O.

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Options Trading platforms

Options & Futures Analysis & Charts

Real -time analysis & charts across Nifty & BankNifty indices with zero lag

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Analysis & Charts for Options Trading

Market Movement

Understand market movements and get in-depth data and technical indications on the options & futures market with Stolo’s analysis & charts platform.

Agile analysis and Charts

Highly agile analysis & charts interface designed for accurate decision making for all types of options traders.

Updated on Market trends

Access analysis & charts on the Stolo Options Trading App on the go and always stay updated on the market trends, movement, highs & lows.

Market Analysis & Charts from Stolo

Ultimate options trading platform with live market analysis and charts for Nifty, BankNifty, FinNifty and 191 FnO stocks

From the Stolo Community

Here's what our early adopters have to say about Stolo - The Ultimate Options Trading platform


Accurate open interest data by Stolo is perfect for me. The app design for oi analysis makes it very easy. Should go for it if you're a serious options trader

Pradeep Kulkarni

Full-time Trader, Bangalore

Option chain feature is helpful. It's easy to navigate, and accurate data is nice for making trading decisions.

Manish Ansari

Entrepreneur, Bangalore

I've tried a few option analysis apps and this is by far the best. The live market analysis is fast and accurate, and the app is easy to use. Well done.

Aravind MS

Software Engineer, Chennai

Great looking all-in-one platform for options trading.

Atul Deshpande

Stock Broking Agent, Mumbai

Learn more about Analysis & Charts

Explore our blogs to learn about various analysis charts that can help you improve your options trading experience

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What are the Key Indicators to Look for in an Option Chain?
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What are the Key Indicators to Look for in an Option Chain?

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September 18, 2023

Understanding Types of Buildup in Futures and Options Trading

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The Only Options Trading platform You Need

A quick comparison of all the other options trading & analysis platforms available in the market and Stolo - check out why we're the Ultimate Options Trading Platform in India.

Other platforms

Includes most options trading platforms, options scalping platforms, market analysis platforms and charting platforms.

  • No all-in-one platform present in the market because of which multiple subscriptions & apps are needed
  • Inaccurate & unreliable data with lag and delays
  • Outdated technology & old interface which makes it hard to use
  • No / sub-par mobile interface & mobile responsiveness


No intro needed 🙂

  • One subscription for all options trading needs, along with complimentary options trading tool
  • Accurate data is provided throughout the app with real market relay without any lag for analysis & charts
  • Built by veteran technology experts with the latest technology and user-first design, for best experience
  • Full mobile responsive web-app along with a highly agile Android mobile app
Stolo Mobile App

Download the Stolo Mobile App

The power of Stolo is now at the palm of your hands! Download our options trading mobile app to stay updated with the markets & plan your trading approach.

  • Analysis & Charts
  • Trading Journal
  • Trading Calculator
  • Margins Calculator

... & more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stolo is India’s ultimate trading platform that provides comprehensive charts and tools for analysis of stocks in the Indian stock market. It offers accurate data, and analysis features to help traders make informed decisions.
Market analysis is the process of understanding and assessing the various variables that can influence the market's direction. This includes analysing market patterns, supply and demand, economic indicators, and other variables to assist traders in making educated trades.
Stolo's Analysis and Chart tool includes customisable charting tools, OI Data, Mutlistrike OI, Tradingview charts, F&O analysis, PCR Data, PE CE Data, OI Analysis Charts, technical indicators, accurate data, alerts, and watchlists.
No, Stolo's Analysis and Chart tool is not a trading platform; rather, it is a tool that allows traders to analyse market data and make educated trading decisions. However, you can trade from option chains.
Yes, You can access Stolo's Analysis tools and charts, like OI Data, OI Analysis, PE CE Data, PCR Data, FII/ DII Data, and much more. Sign up for a trial of Stolo's Analysis and Chart tool on the Stolo website. After creating an account, you may use the site to analyse market data.
Yes, we provide data for Nifty, BankNifty, FinNifty and all FNO stock options, including all 191 NSE FNO stocks, enabling traders and investors to make informed decisions about their trades and investments.
Stolo's Analysis and Chart tool is mobile-friendly, and it can be viewed through smartphone or tablet with Stolo Options Trading App.
Yes, Stolo's Analysis and Chart tool provides email and live chat customer.for any equeruies you can send a email to

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