Options trading has become increasingly popular in India, and there are several option chain apps available in the market. A trader in the market can easily get confused with the numerous options. Hence, here we are, studying all these applications for you. We bring to you some of the best apps for option chain in India. Keep reading to know more.

What is Option Chain?

An option chain is a comprehensive list of all available options for a particular stock or other underlying assets. It includes information such as strike prices, expiration dates, and premium prices for calls and puts. The option chain provides valuable information to traders. For example, they can help analyse a stock’s price movements and help assess the risk involved.


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Best Apps for Option Chain in India

Choosing the right application is as important as choosing the right stock. A poor application can ruin all trading efforts regardless of a good strategy. Hence, the trader must choose their platform wisely. A reliable trading platform can provide access to real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and trading strategies.

Here are some of the best apps for option chain available in India:

Best Apps for Option Chain in India

1. Stolo

Stolo is one of the best apps for option chain in India that provides users with various tools. Advanced analytics, real-time option chain data, and options strategies are some of its useful tools. From a beginner to an expert, the application is highly customised with intuitive features to support all. It is a comprehensive trading platform that provides a range of trading tools. The app offers real-time option chain data, advanced analytics, and options strategies. Stolo also provides a comprehensive trading journal, which can help traders analyse their trading performance, track their trades, and optimise their trading strategies. It provides delta value, IV, and OI  for each strike price in the option chain, making your trades seamless.

Stolo is your one-stop shop for all your trading needs. Stolo also provides an options strategy builder that you can utilise to learn and experiment with options trading strtergies. 

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2. Quantsapp

Quantsapp is a robust options trading app that offers up-to-the-minute information on the option chain. The software provides sophisticated analytics capabilities for traders to analyse options data. It also has several features that improve a trader’s trading methods and identify lucrative trading opportunities. In addition, Quantsapp offers a variety of tutorials and instructional materials for traders. This makes it the next best app for option chain in India.

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3. Sensibull

Sensibull offers real-time options data access, sophisticated charting capabilities, and a thorough option chain for several underlying assets. The tool allows traders to easily study option strategies, evaluate the risk, and execute transactions. For both novice and experienced traders, Sensibull also offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of educational resources. All things considered, Sensibull is a helpful tool for anyone interested in trading options.

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4. Opstra

Opstra provides real-time option chain data and other analytics tools that help traders analyse their trades seamlessly. If you cannot get access to the apps mentioned above or prefer another app, Opstra is for you. Traders can test their strategies on Opstra’s virtual trading platform before investing with real money. Like the other applications, Opstra provides traders with a pool of learning resources.

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In conclusion, option chain analysis apps can provide valuable insights to traders, helping them make informed decisions about trading options. The best option chain app for traders depends on their individual trading needs, goals, and experience level. Each app offers unique features, and traders should choose the one that best suits their trading style. Some applications that provide option chain have the upper hand with technology, and we’ve listed them out for you. Explore all of them and choose what best fits you.