You might expect a simple yes or no for the above question, but the answer to this question is subjective to each but easy to find. Whether you can start with options trading or not depends on your foundational knowledge, analytical skills, and so much more. We shall explore each of them in these articles to see if you are ready to start with options trading or not.

Every type of trading or investment needs a good amount of practice. However, it is extremely risky to practice in the real market as your capital is at risk. Do we have an alternative? Yes. This alternative is called paper trading.

How Paper Trading Can Help you Learn Trading without Real Funds 

A Paper Trading Application is a simulated trading environment where a trader can use virtual money to purchase or sell securities or any shares in the market in real-time. It is the best platform to practice options trading for all aspiring traders. 

Paper trading enables the trader to transact in the market without putting real money at risk. One can easily observe a stock’s price movement in the market, choose potential stocks to trade, apply strategies, and see how it works out. There will be profits and losses but with virtual money. Consequently, paper trading is also sometimes referred to as virtual trading.

You are ready to enter the real market if you have practised enough through paper trading. As post-paper trading, you will be aware of the market processes, strategies and analytical skills to start options trading with minimal risk as a beginner.

3 Factors Beginners Should Consider Before Starting Options Trading

3 Factors beginners should consider before starting live options trading

Consider Your Capital

As a beginner in any form of trading or investment, you must be mindful of the amount you choose to trade or invest. Especially if you are a beginner, it is often suggested you try out trading or invest with small funds. Once you gain your confidence, you can enlarge your capital.
Always be mindful of using capital that you can risk. There are two sides to trading or investing. You will either make more money or you will make less. In case you make less and lose your investment, then be sure that this loss of money doesn’t cost your financial stability.
In simple terms, use disposable income that you can risk. So as a beginner, if you are venturing into options trading, make sure you start with a small fund and be sure that this fund can be risked.

Analytical Skills

It is important to learn some skills that will help you analyse the stocks to trade or any other derivatives. The stock market is extremely volatile and even unpredictable. However, with the right kind of analysis, educative guesses can be made that can lower our risks. Hence it is critical to have fundamental and technical analysis skills to begin trading as a beginner.

If you are confident that you have the analytical skills to choose your stocks and make a good profit, then you can undoubtedly begin with options trading with a small fund. Analysis and Charts by Stolo will help you analyse various charts and date which makes it easier to make sound trading decisions.


As a beginner, if there is one attribute you must integrate as you start with options trading is the art of being patient. Do not become restless or lose hope if your first few trades do not move in your direction. Even the best traders make losses. Be patient and consistent with your efforts and constantly upgrade yourself. Always remember that there are no mistakes but only learnings.
There will be winning trades, losing trades, and good or bad trades, but be patient and, through the process, try and find a pattern or strategy that gives you the highest profits and implement them more to amplify your winnings from trading options.

The key is to learn and to continue learning through the process.

If you choose to start with options trading, make sure you have enough exposure to paper trading, good analytical skills, and enough capital that you can afford to risk. If you are keen to start with, options trading, you may always do so with the right foundational knowledge.
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