To allow Trade Automation on Zerodha, you will have to follow the following steps to configure Zerodha and Stolo to talk to each other. 

STEP-1: Create a Kite Connect Account

  • Navigate to
  • Click on Signup and create a new account if you are doing this for the first time else, click on Login and enter your dashboard. 


Kite Connect Home Page


  • On the top navigation bar, click on billing and make sure you add 2000 credits or the current cost that every user has to pay Zerodha to use Zerodha Connect through “Fund using Zerodha account” or “Fund using payment gateway”.
Kite Connect Payment


  • Once done, return to the Home dashboard and click on Create new App.
Create app on Zerodha Connect


  • Enter all the details as follows:

            Type: Connect

            App name: Stolo <Name> App

            Zerodha Client ID: <Zerodha Client ID>

            App icon: Not Mandatory

            Redirect URL:

            Postback URL:

            Description: Stolo connection with Zerodha for trade Automation

Create Connect App Details


  • Once all fields are filled, You may click on create.
  • You will be redirected to your home screen where you can find your newly created app, once found click on the app to find the API key and API secret key.
Connect App Home Page


  • Make sure you keep the API key and the API secret key ready for STEP-2
Connect API key and Secret API key


STEP-2: Add Your Account in Broker Settings on Stolo

  • Login to stolo on a new tab
  • Once you log in to Stolo hove over TRADE on the top navigation bar and click on Broker Settings under Automation Column.
Stolo Home Page


  • In the Broker Settings screen, click on “Add an Account”
Stolo Broker Setting


  • Here add in your Zerodha Client ID/Account ID add in the API key and API secret key and click on Submit.
Stolo Broker Form Submission


  • Once Clicked on Submit, your account will be added and will be ready to use after STEP-3.
Zerodha Connect App Connected to Stolo



STEP-3: Connect to Zerodha on Stolo and Begin Your Journey

  • Hover over TRADE on the top navigation bar and click on AUTOMATION.
Stolo Home Page


  • Click on ‘CONNECT TO ZERODHA’ and it will open an external link where you will have to log in to Zerodha.
Connect to Zerodha on Stolo


  • All your steps are now complete and you will be able to start your trade automation journey with Stolo.
  • If you’re stuck on any of the steps mentioned above please reach out here
Stolo to Zerodha Connection Accepted
  • To know more about Trade Automation by Stolo, check out the YouTube video below.