Options trading is an investment technique that has grown in popularity recently. It is a type of derivative trading in which traders purchase and sell contracts allowing them to buy or sell an underlying asset at a fixed price and time. Scalping is a common trading strategy among options dealers.

Scalping is a short-term trading technique in which traders rapidly purchase and sell options contracts to make tiny gains on each transaction. The aim is to amass small earnings over time, which can build up to large gains. Scalping needs traders to comprehend the market and use tools such as scalping calculators to determine their profits.

What is a Scalping Calculator?

A scalping calculator is a tool traders use to compute earnings from scalping options contracts. The tool considers various variables such as the option’s price, the strike price, the time until expiry and the fluctuation of the underlying commodity. It is a must-have instrument for traders who want to make educated choices when purchasing and selling options contracts.

How to Use Scalping Calculator on Stolo

Using a scalping calculator is easy, and traders can follow these simple steps to calculate their profits:

Stolo’s calculator is designed to help you comprehend what makes a trade lucrative or loss-making. This calculator is comprehensive and unique in such a way that it teaches you on every aspect involved.

Stolo scalping calculator

You can enter the quantity and buy price of the option you want to swap in the upper right corner of the page. This would instantly compute the required margin for the same.

You may observe that a row by default indicates how your transaction would profit if the market moved by 5 points.

You can change the number assigned to “Target Pts.” As you do so, the tool determines the selling price, fees, commission, and net profit and loss.

You can also raise the number of transactions to see if the calculation works for you.

You can add new rows to simulate your trade trip and see how the profits/losses change when the market goes up/down by n points.

Step 5: Analyze the results

After entering the data into the scalping calculator, you will receive a result indicating the profit or loss you anticipate from the transaction. This knowledge can help you make informed choices when purchasing and selling options contracts.

Benefits of Using a Scalping Calculator

Using a scalping calculator has many benefits for options traders. Some of the key benefits include:

Benefits of using a scalping calculator - Stolo

Accurate Calculations

Scalping calculators use complex algorithms to compute earnings and losses precisely. This means that traders can make educated choices based on precise data, lowering the likelihood of errors.

Saves Time 

Manually calculating profits and losses can take time and effort. Using a scalping calculator saves time and allows traders to focus on other aspects of their trading strategy.

Helps to Manage Risk

Scalping calculators help traders manage risk by providing accurate information on potential profits and losses. Use this information to adjust trading strategies and make informed decisions that reduce risk.

Improves Trading Performance

A scalping calculator can improve trading performance by allowing traders to make informed decisions based on accurate data. This can lead to better trading outcomes and improved profits over time.


Scalping is a typical options trading technique that allows traders to earn small gains on each transaction. A scalping calculator is essential for traders who want to make informed choices and successfully control risk.  Simply follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy winning trades. Explore Stolo Scalping Calculator now