We all love making quick profits and we enjoy when we earn huge amounts of capital returns delivered in a very short period of time. We also do know that the stock market is highly volatile and dynamic. The data keeps varying every minute, and each of these changes can affect your outcome, be it your trade or your investment. Options Scalping is one such trading process where we use this dynamic market to our advantage and make profits in a short period of time.

What is Options Scalping?

Options scalping is where a trader enters the market in favorable conditions and remains there only for a short period of time. As soon as the stock reaches the strike price, the trader exits the market, making a small profit. A trader makes multiple short trades which eventually leads to a huge profit.
In other words, an option scalper uses a small price change to make a profit, and the trader does so multiple times to amplify the profit.
It works similarly to other forms of trading, where you may have winning trades, losing trades, good ones, and bad ones, but the intensity of risk and loss varies in each.

Who is an Options Scalper?

A scalper is someone who quickly enters and leaves the market, scalping profits through small price differences in multiple traders. A scalper can make as many trades per day to make a significant amount of profit.

What does an Options Scalper Trade?

A scalper can trade any form of derivatives. Financial contracts that have or draw their value from other assets or underlying assets are what we refer to as derivates. Usually, scalpers trade forex or equities, but lately, options and futures also are being traded. 

advantages and disadvantages of options scalping

Advantages of Options Scalping

  • Reduced Time on a Single Trade: Usually, lingering longer on any derivative could have a potential risk as there are many factors constantly affecting its outcome. However, we can be sure that the price will keep fluctuating; hence we can use this to our advantage and make profits in a short period of time, irrespective of a stock’s long-term outcome.
  • Use One Minute Chart or Five Minute Chart– Data from these charts can be observed to make a quick decision as to whether or not this derivative is good to trade now or not. Scalpers also use a 15-minute chart to analyse the current market dynamics of a derivative.
  • Potential of Huge Profit: A scalper makes multiple trades and each of the small profits is amplified. So a huge amount of profit can be made through multiple small profits.
  • Gains Irrespective of Market Trend
    We all know that the market is dynamic in nature. The prices keep fluctuating in a minuscule all the time, irrespective of the current market trend. Market trends wouldn’t greatly impact your options scalping journey. Whether the market is active or not, you can still make profits as small price changes are bound to happen which can be used to our advantage. A scalper can always make a profit with the right strategy

Disadvantages of Options Scalping

  • Execute Multiple Trades: You will have to execute several trades in order to make a decent amount of profit. There is no running away from this. The key to making huge profits lies in the number of trades made.
  • High Loss Intensity: As we are making trades in huge volumes, the loss will also be in huge volumes. This can be reduced with the right strategies, especially the right exit strategy.
  • High Brokerage Charge: Every trade you take has a specific brokerage charge. This charge depends on your broker. However, taking many trades would mean a high brokerage cost that might or could interfere with your overall profits.

Key Elements in Options Scalping

It is significant to have a well-planned exit strategy. Staying on the trade for too long can have its own unfavourable implications. It is also important to make multiple trades in order to make large profits with small price fluctuations. A strong strategy with a good number of trades can prove extremely profitable.
Data is key to Options Scalping. Having accurate real data is crucial; hence choose a platform that gives you all the necessary data to choose the right stock or derivatives. 

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