A smart options trader also needs a smart options trading platform to carry out options trading!

Many factors can affect the outcome of your trade, but it must never be due to an error or inefficiency from your options trading platform. Hence, choosing the right platform to uplift your options trading is essential.

How to Identify a Good Options Trading Platform in India?

How to Identify Best Options Trading Platform In India


There are several options trading platforms in India, so how do we know which one to select?

This may become a tedious task, but there are some key features one can look at before landing their bets on one options trading platform –

  1. Price – Subscription, Brokerage Fees & Commissions
  2. In-built Options Trading Tools
  3. Customer Support & Service

Price – Subscription, Brokerage Fees & Commissions

What’s the point of making huge profits if your options trading platform charges you a hefty commission? A few options trading platforms charge you per lot size, while a few others have a fixed commission per transaction. It would only be wise to choose the latter as the commission is fixed.

In-built Options Trading Tools

Choose an options trading platform that will allow you to read and analyze the charts so that you might be able to check the resistance and support levels as and when required. It is absolutely crucial to access charts that can help you make educated decisions.

Customer Support & Service

Immediate and efficient customer support is key to any business, and in a financial business driven by time, timely help is all one would need. Make sure your options trading platform has a good customer service set.

Top 10 Options Trading Platforms in India

We have made it easier for you. We have collected data and analyzed several options trading platforms in India, and here are our definite top picks –


Best options trading platform in india


  1. Stolo – India’s Ultimate Options Trading Platform
  2. Dhan Options Trading App
  3. Sensibull
  4. Quants App
  5. Zerodha
  6. Angel Broking
  7. Upstox
  8. Trade Smart Online Options Trading Platform
  9. FYERS Securities
  10. 5Paisa

1. Stolo – India’s Ultimate Options Trading Platform

One of the best in India, Stolo will be the perfect platform if you are looking for a trustworthy, efficient, and user-friendly options trading platform. 

Why Should You Choose Stolo?

Price: Stolo offers multiple pricing plans, which gives the customer a wide range to choose from. They work on monthly subscriptions instead of the per-order commission fee, which makes it easier for anyone who has multiple trades going on. It offers a free plan which gives you a good view of the platform’s capabilities. Their paid plan starts from INR 399/ month, which is as low as just INR 13/ day. They also provide their customers with additional services to boost trade strategies.

Trading Tools: They do not just provide you with a Options trading platform but also uplift your trading with power tools, market analysis, basket order options, and trade automation services which come as a part of their diverse plans. These additional services on one platform are all one would need. Choose to cut down the hassle of using multiple apps by choosing Stolo at a reasonable price.

Customer Service: Stolo Provides immediate support via support@stolo.in, or you could also get an immediate response by joining their Stolo Support Telegram Group for quick queries. 

There is an already well-established FAQ system that would clear most of the common doubts or confusions that could arise during options trading.

2. Dhan Options Trading App

India’s fastest-growing platform is the next trustworthy site for all your options trading. Dhan is well regulated under SEBI and Stock Exchanges and hence can certainly be trusted. 

Why Should You Choose Dhan?

Price: Their website gives out their detailed price plan; however, they charge INR 20 per executed order, which is quite reasonable.

Trading Tools: Their platforms are built on superfast API Infrastructures which can easily be trusted. Hence the feature makes Dhan a good platform for options trading.

Customer Service: No matter how good the AI is, it is bound to come to errors, and human errors are possible too. In times like these, one needs good customer service, which Dhan provides. You may contact  help@dhan.co or look up phone call services on their website.

3. Sensibull

Sensibull, One of India’s largest options trading platforms that have been delivering customer-friendly services for years now.  

Why Should You Choose Sensibull?

Price: Sensibull offers their services for INR 590/month, and their Pro plan is available for INR 800/ month.

Trading Tools: Not just trading, Sensibull, like Stolo, provides several other tools to help you in your trading.

Customer Service: They have exceptional customer service too. You may contact them via help@sensibull.com and go through their website for other available options.

4. Quants App

QuantsApp is an options trading analytical platform, which is another excellent choice for options traders, is next on the list. 

Why Should You Choose Quants App?

Price: They offer their pro plan at INR 2950/month, and their services are similar to that of Sensibull.

Trading Tools: Apart from providing accessible options trading tools, they also provide advisory services on payments, which can be availed from their site.

Customer Service: support@quantsapp.com is one of the modes through which Quants App offers their customers support in times of need. You can always reach out to them for quick queries. 

5. Zerodha

One of the most popular and well-trusted platforms. One can easily use this platform for a user-friendly trading experience with Zerodha

Why Should You Choose Zerodha?

Price: Zerodha will charge you INR 20/ executed order. It does not matter how many lots you purchase, it depends on the no.of orders you execute.

Trading Tools: Zerodha has KITE as its trading platform. It is a highly trustworthy site, and you may start trading smoothly.

Customer Service: They, too, provide excellent service on time. You can contact 080-46801166 to reach out for any queries or help. They have a well-established FAQ Section, too, that can help with common queries.

6. Angel Broking

Another well-established and the trustworthy platform is angel’s broking. You can undoubtedly use this platform for all your options trading. It, however, does not provide a 3-in-1 Demat account. 

Why Should You Choose Angel Broking?

Price: Angel Broking charges INR 20/ executed order. There is no extra delivery fee too, which makes it ideal.

Trading Tools: Angel Broking has its own platform called Angel Broking Speed Pro, which has been performing well for several years now.

Customer Service: You can always reach out to their well-organized support care cell, support@angelbroking.com, for any queries. 

7. Upstox

Upstox is a Mumbai-based options trading platform in India. It is another user-friendly platform one could use. 

Why Should You Choose Upstox?

Price: They charge INR 20/executed trade like most other platforms, but their delivery-based trades must be paid for, unlike some sites that have it free. 

Trading tools:  With the use of Upstox pro, Upstox has been able to provide quality services to its customers so far. One can always choose them for options trading.

Customer Service: Upstox offers its customer service through emails and calls. You will find all other details listed well on their website. sales@upstox.com is their email for support from Upstox.

8. Trade Smart Online Options Trading Platform

Trade Smart is also a good option available in the market. It is a subsidiary company of VNS Capital and Financial Limited, and both these companies have had a good reputation for decades now. 

Why Should You Choose Trade Smart?

Price: Trade Smart Charges you 15/ executed trade, which is a good low-cost offer. You may also choose their value plan, where they offer INR 7/ lot. You may choose what’s best for you.

Trading Tools:  They provide NEST Trader, which is developed by an external party that is trustworthy.

Customer Service: They have different emails and numbers for different types of customers (New customers and old customers). However, you may reach out to  info@vnsfin.com for any general inquiries. 

9. FYERS Securities

FYERS is a Bangalore-based trading platform in India to look upon. It is well-regulated and follows the guidelines provided by SEBI.

Why Should You Choose FYERS?

Price: FYERS Securities will charge you INR 20/ executed order. It does not matter how many lots you purchase, it depends on the no.of orders you execute.

Trading Tools: FYERS has developed its own trading platform called FYERS One, which is highly dependable and user-friendly.

Customer Service: The customer service codes are not toll-free, which brings its ratings down in this criterion. However, if this isn’t a problem, one can always use their platform.

10. 5paisa

Going with the motto ‘ A Paisa Saved is a Paised Earned’, 5paisa Stock Broker has become one of India’s trusted options trading platforms. 

Why Should You Choose 5paisa?

Price: They charge INR 10/ executed order, which certainly makes them the cheapest among the rest.

Trading Tools: They provide a platform named 5paisa trade station. They also provide research and advisory services on payment which can be quite useful for many.

Customer Service: All customer-related services are listed on their website. One can always also call +91 8035435711 for any queries.

There are diverse options trading platforms in India to choose from, which can get confusing. However, only you can choose what’s best for you.

Analyze every options trading platform and go through the services they provide before making your choice.

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