What is Stolo?

Stolo is an intuitive options trading platform that makes options trading across Nifty and BankNifty easy and profitable.
The name Stolo is an acronym for “Stop Loss”. Our mission is to help options scalpers to ensure they are equipped to make profitable trades by avoiding making losses.

Why did we build it?

With the increasing adoption of options trading in India, the amount of funds that trade in an intraday session continues to grow. While each intraday trader enters with knowledge, skill & funds the influence of one’s discipline & human emotions in the trading journey plays a vital role in the profits/losses one makes. Yet this remains unsolved in the setups or platforms that we use.

Discipline & Human Emotions are the two intangible skills that affect 80% of one’s performance.

With Stolo, we envisioned building a product that could tackle these two intangible skills to a greater extent, thereby minimizing losses that one makes in the options trading journey.

Stolo’s idea was born when the pain point met the capabilities of solving it with an infusion of technology. With over 12+ years of experience in the Technology domain & immense exposure being an active trader & investor, this became an obvious challenge to solve for Mr. Anurag Rath (Founder & CEO, Think201 Ventures).

Stolo is built by minds who have immense experience in all the fields that a product demands. Stolo is a Think201 Venture Product.

What solutions does it provide for options scalpers?

Each feature in Stolo is designed & developed to address pain points of options scalpers thinking from their perspective and then blending it with the state-of-the-art technology with intuitive & clean design.

Features of Stolo:

Options Trading Calculator

Stolo Options Trading Calculator is built to help you understand the nuances of taxes, brokerage & true P&L when you take a trade targeting ‘n’ number of points.

Rich Analysis and Charts for Options Trading

A rich collection of analysis charts such as Option Chain, Open Interest, Options Chart, Multi-strike OI, Sectoral Indices, IndiaVix V/s Index, and many more becomes an essential component of an options scalper’s setup w.r.t analysing the market before taking a trade.

Setup Exit Rules

This is built to help you simplify trade like no other options trading platform in a similar domain. Ever imagined placing order & the rules taking care of exiting it with the configured StopLoss and Target? That’s what Exit Rules does for you!

The abundance of Helpful Resources on Options Trading

Our team has curated an extensive repository of helpful resources to help you guide through the product so that you use it in your scalping journey with a very minimal learning curve.

Superb Community Support

Join our community to speak, listen & stay updated about product features, and roll-outs & share stories among like-minded options scalpers. This space is for all Stolozens (Stolo users) and also for those who wish to know more before becoming a Stolo user.

The amazing list of features goes on. Why not check it out by signing up here stolo.in